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My new novel

My first blog! I want to tell the whole world about my new historical novel to be published in 2012 called, Lascar. Lascar means ‘sailor from East India.’ Lascars worked recruited for work aboard British steamships from the Bengal, Yemen, Assam and Gujarat. Lascar is the epic story of one man’s journey to fulfill his destiny.

It took me over 120 rejections and over 5 years to finally sign with a publisher. I thank them for believing in Lascar. There were times, i just felt like giving up. But every time I heard a new story about an author signing up with a publisher, it made me go further. I had though many ‘sweet rejections’ and I am grateful for it! I fact, I’m glad it took so long. It helped me learn to be patient and learn more about the complicated world of publishing.

I submitted to the publisher’s  the very final version of Lascar after spending 7 days reading it and rewriting small parts. The cover has been designed. I chose the design and am thrilled with it. I had to rewrite the acknowledgments page a number of times. I found that difficult! It’s great to see it all come together. Publication will be sometime between May and July 2012.

Can’t wait to have the book in my hand. So excited and thrilled about it. I always believed in Lascar and never gave up hope. It’s finally happening!! I’m now just counting the days, months in fact.

My foot on the publishing ladder at last.

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