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Lascar cover

Lascar cover

The images tell the story….

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Lascar update

I’ve been lazy! Haven’t posted anything on here for a few weeks now. I’ve been busy preparing for the publication of Lascar. It’ll be released on 4th June 2012. I chose the cover, a lovely illustration form The Graphic’ magazine published in 1869. The publishers allowed me to chose the cover. I chose this as it tells the story of my novel and the images look ‘busy.’ I chose the colour black. After I signed off the cover, I found a 19th century image of a Lacar. A beautiful image it was too and how I wished I could have used this for my cover! I wish I found it before! Lascar images were hard to find as there are so few. I’ve put it on my website.It hurts!!

Anyhow, the publishers decided to change the colour to beige as the black looked too gloomy. This came out of the blue but I am very happy about that. It looks more ‘lively.’

I’ve already received a hardcopy and been checking it through for typos. yes, I m still finding typos. They seem to spring up like mushrooms, coming from nowhere. Even after I signed it off, I found more. A horrible, panicky feeling. I sent an email to the publishers about this but they decided that it would be easier and save confusion, if I corrected these myself. I read 298 pages in 3 days. My eyes went square and I did have eye strain by Wednesday evening. I read every word and found more! Are there any books with absolutley no typos at all? I doubt it! I did it though and feel at ease.

I don’t want to read my novel again. I’ve read it sooo many times and am quite sick of it!! I should be!

I visited Waterstones in Cambridge last Monday just to get a feel of the place. I’ve had my flyers created for Cambridge Waterstones book launch, for Wednesday 6th June at 7pm. All sent to print now. I’ve created a slideshow with 10 images. I’m rehearsing. I need to keep rehearsing. Waterstones don’t have a projector in store, so I’ll have to hire one.

I’ve contacted museums that have a Lascar connection: Southampton, Portsmouth and others, and asked them whether they would be interested in stocking my book in June. I’ve had a good response, which I’m chuffed about. I’ve also been able to found another three authors who are reviewing my book. I’m grateful to them for that. I’m also connecting with people to build up an audience…on twitter. I have created my own author page for people to ‘like.’

I’m very nervous about the whole event! I’ve never given a talk in front of a large audience. I’ve been watching other author’s events on you-tube. This has helped immensely! I’m a writer, not a speaker!!

So, it’s all going smoothly. I wake up thinking about Lascar and go to bed thinking about it. Do I dream of it…no because it’s not a dream anymore. It’s happening..My Indigo Dreams have come true. I’ll believe it when I have the complete book in my hand.

Lots happening and so much more to do. I’ve invested in a diary this year so I can write everything down. My memory isn’t a good as what it used to be. More to come soon…

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