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56 days and counting….

56 days…. The fun part is just beginning. The book launch is Wednesday 6th June at 7pm, Waterstone’s bookstore, Cambridge. The flyers for the book launch are ready. The events page is set up on Facebook. The nerves seem to get worse by the day.  I’ve been watching You-Tube videos of book launches and clips about how to make a speech! These have proved useful…what NOT to do. I have a good idea.

The last few days…I’ve been preparing the launch. I met the Events Manager, James Newman last Saturday. A lovely man he was! We went through the logistics. I know what to expect. Just visiting the third floor, where it’ll be taking place, has helped tremendously. Took my brother Kal with me for support. He always likes to help. Now, I’m trying to imagine a room full of people to get me used to the idea. I saw my flyers on one of their tables! What a feeling…seeing them on there! They’ve already had 12 bookings in all just by people picking up the flyers. Hope the numbers will grow…

I’m not going to give out the flyers just yet. I have decided to wait until 4 weeks before the event. People will forget if I advertise too soon.I need to wait…

I’m rehearsing….I’m talking to myself in the mirror, looking at how to say each word. I’ll be doing a slideshow for about 10 minutes. I’m reading the notes… trying to remember the info! Will I be able to do it, I keep telling myself? Something I have NEVER done before. ‘Pretend their not there!’ one person told me. That’s easy..isn’t it?! ‘They’ll be there for your book, not you.’ That helps!

I wake up thinking about ‘Lascar, i think avout ‘Lascar’ in the shower, when I’m driving, I go to bed thinking about ‘Lascar’. Next, I’ll be eating the Lascar flyer……

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