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I was born and raised in Cambridge, UK.  I’m almost 40. I was born two days before East Pakistan became Bangladesh on 14th December 1971.   My parents are Bangladeshi immigrants. I am married and have four children., three boys, Ibrahim, Imran, Aniq  and a girl, Aminah.  I’ve been writing since 2004.

I trained as a CAB Adviser and provided interpretation and translation service for Bengali speaking clients. I was employed as a Legal Advice Sessions, Co-ordinator. My first historical novel will be published in 2012 and was shortlisted for the Muslim Writers Awards in 2008 and also longlisted for the Brit Writers Unpublished Award 2010. I self-published my first book in 2005 called ‘Ibrahim – Where in the spectrum does he belong?’

I am currently writing my second novel. I am also writing a series of children’s book about an Asian autistic boy and the colours of the rainbow. I also co-authored a screenplay called ‘India Ink’ and have written articles. Please visit


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